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Viola Roberts Food Safety Blog

Viola Roberts (who as of this writing has been an AF member for four hours and twenty minutes) has posted a long blog entry here about food safety or the lack thereof.  From it I learned several things:

1) Viola Roberts does pretty well but does not have full mastery of the English language (using the term "disease" instead of "cases" or "illness," for example).  Still the text is better than a straight 'bot translation.

2) She makes contraditory statements on food safety (you can't tell by looking at food whether or not it's spoiled but we often look at food to determine if it's spoiled, can be both true but not at the same time).  This looks like a junior high or highschool level essay.3) I didn't know we could blog on this site.BTW I just finished earning a BS in Food and Nutrition science (which included multiple sections on food safety, so that's why I found this post to be somewhat interesting. 

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Well, it reads like a school

Well, it reads like a school essay because it is -- at the very bottom is an advert for an online essay writing service. Considering the quality of the writing, I hope they aren't charging too much.

As it's spam, the post has been removed and the user blocked. (Applefritter has a fairly high ranking in Google, so leaving spam up -- no matter how amusing it may be -- will only attract more spammers.)

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