Want to buy: Macintosh IIsi, Accessories!

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Want to buy: Macintosh IIsi, Accessories!

Hello! I'm looking to buy a Macintosh IIsi to replace mine, which was lost during a move. It was my first computer so I'm trying to re-create it as close as I can. Smile Here's what I'm looking for:

- The IIsi itself- needs to be working and have all the major parts- floppy drive, HDD, etc.
- A keyboard, mouse and VGA adapter -- the clickier the keyboard the better! Smile

- Recapped motherboard is a bonus, but not necessary -- so long as it's all working
- Amount of memory is unimportant, but the more the merrier. My old one had 33 MB.
- Same for hard disk space. My old IIsi had a 150 MB hard disk stock.
- I need a NuBUS adapter card with it, and I'd prefer if it was the kind with a 68882 FPU and a PDS slot on it. I know the IIsi needs a sort of right-angle adapter.
- I also need an Ethernet adapter of some sort- either NuBUS or something that plugs into the back of the machine, like via the modem/printer ports? Whatever I can find!
- I'd like to get a 68030, 68040 or PowerPC upgrade card for the PDS slot- I'm not too picky about the type. The FPU is more important though, since I can always overclock the 68030.
- If the network card is a modem/printer/SCSI jack affair, leaving the NuBUS slot free, I'd love to add a graphics card that brings the # of colors above 256. Quickdraw acceleration is a bonus.

- Other nice things I'd like: External hard disk, CD-ROM drive (ideally caddy-loading, with the caddy included), external SCSI cables, and a terminator.

Thank you very much for reading! I'm located in New York (ZIP 11901) and I can pay for the stuff and shipping via Paypal. Thank you!