WTB: Amdek Amdisk I - 3" Disks

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WTB: Amdek Amdisk I - 3" Disks
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Hey all, recently got what appears to be an Amdek Amdisk 1 - 3" disk drive.

Now all I need is to find even a couple of the disks to test the sucker!

Amdisk on Applefritter

Amdisk Elswhere

Attached are a couple photos of the drive I acquired.

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Re: WTB: Amdek Amdisk I - 3" Disks

So... the most common use of this format was on various products made by the British company Amstrad; their popular-in-Europe CPC line of 8-bit computers used them, as did their PCW CP/M computers/word processors. Here's an outfit that sells used disks in lots of five:


They look a little cheaper there than eBay, might be worth finding out what shipping would cost. Pretty sure these will work with the Amdek drives.

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