WTB Obtronix Apple 1 - Paying fair

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WTB Obtronix Apple 1 - Paying fair

Well title says it... If you have one working for sale let me know. Also if you prefer trades I have a Lisa a Mac 128k a TAM etc. please let me know

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Re: WTB Obtronix Apple 1 - Paying fair

Why not build a Mimeo.... Contact Mike Willegal. http://www.willegal.net/appleii/appleii-first_page.htm
I think Mike has a few more boards now and has a place for you to get most of the parts. It's a fun project. You could simply sell your Mac and Lisa on eBay to finance buying parts.

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Re: WTB Obtronix Apple 1 - Paying fair

Are you still interested in Apple 1 replica? I have built a few pre-NTI Apple 1 replica, which I called Newton 1. Please take a look at below link to photos and Youtube and let me know. It is fully asembled and tested and every set includes the cassette interface as well and numbered like the originals.



PM me pls.

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