Z80 softcard + mouse card

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Z80 softcard + mouse card

Hi, today I tried to boot my Z80 softcard in my IIe unenhanced.  Trying multiple disk found on the web lead me only to a solid cursor at the top lef of the screen, nothing else. I tried many slots, and then I realised that if  I unplug my mouse card, then the Z80 soft card boot fine, in each slot. 


my question is: it is a know behavior, that the Z80 soft card isn't compatible with the mouse card? Is there a way to have both working in the IIe?


Thanks and have a nice day!

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similar issues

I don't have a direct answer, but as a note, I have had trouble with getting the orbital systems CP/M card to co-exist with some of the mass storage controllers, also on an unenhanced //e.  After installing the enhancement kit from ReactivMicro it got better, but I still can't have everything at once.  The CP/M card is the "odd man out" in the sense that all other cards are working together fine if it is removed.  I remember reading a note that the no-slot clock and CP/M card step on each other.  So my impression is this sort of issue is indeed commonplace.

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