ATARI STe 1040 w/ Mac ROMS

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ATARI STe 1040 w/ Mac ROMS

I recall reading somewhere that the ATARI 520/1040
machines would run with Mac (68000) ROMs inserted.

True? False? Resource?


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False. Not a chance.The S

False. Not a chance.

The STs used the same processor, but the rest of the hardware was very different.

What you may have read about was Spectre 128, which was a hardware based Mac emulator for the Atari ST, which required Mac Plus ROMs to operate.

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There was another emulator, c

There was another emulator, called "Magic Hat" that also used Mac ROMs to emulate a Mac using Mac ROMs. Unfortunately, I can't find any details about it, but I distinctly remember it.

Those old Atari STs though, they're getting a bit hard to find, but you've got to love their unique, Commodore 64-like design. Great little demo boxes.

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Magic Sac

There were a handful of others, too.

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