WTB: Apple IIc Power Brick

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WTB: Apple IIc Power Brick

I got a free Apple IIc last night.

Does ANYBODY have one of thes for sale cheap or maybe even free? Smile

Doesn't have to be in great shape or anything, it just needs to work.

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how's this

You can have mine for $15(+ship)... but wait! There's more!
Act now and I'll throw in a spare Apple IIc personal computer and the IIc monochrome monitor
[b]free of charge[/b](+ship)*

But that's not all! If you decide you don't want the merchandise, give them away here at anytime... but keep the slightly used stack of 5 1/4" floppies as a free gift!

*offer void where prohibited

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I'll take you up on it!

I'd like the Apple IIc, monitor, and software, and I'd be willing to either pay the $15 + shipping *OR* trade you a working Macintosh Plus, with the 9" b/w screen and keyboard (no mouse). Smile

jenster at earthling.net

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