Tip: Slot-load DVD-RW drive for $74 shipped

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Tip: Slot-load DVD-RW drive for $74 shipped

Hello folks,

Recently there's been some discussion about upgrading the optical drives in Powerbooks, iBooks and iMac G5s. Dan K has repeatedly noted the great $87 deal on the Pioneer DVR-K05 slot-loader - natively supported by OS X and all modern Apple hardware that takes a slim slot-loading drive - over at ZipZoomFly.com.

I just went there again and noticed that they've got this model as an "open box" item, for only $74. It has the regular warranty and appears to be an identical package to the new one (which is a bulk/OEM item and so comes with no extras).

And ZipZoomFly has free 2nd day shipping as well.

A pretty good deal at 15% off the regular price, I think.

I just ordered one myself.