Intel iMac dismantled

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Intel iMac dismantled

Enjoy. Doesn't strike me as being as suave as the inside of the iMac G5.... but I've never taken one of them this far apart.

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Hmmm, It seems to me that eit

Hmmm, It seems to me that either apple's drastically departed from their interior case design ethics (streamlining etc.) or this is a fake. As the latter is unlikely then we should herald a departure from apple's usual design fetish Sad


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man this same article is post

man this same article is posted everywhere.........ive already seen it 3 other times today

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It must be said ...

that the first two revisions of the iMac G5 (without iSight) were among the most service friendly computers. Unfortunately, the iSight revision of the iMac G5, and the intel based iMac that inherited the chassis design. These are legitimate photos. The iMacs with iSight are HORRIBLE to work on. A major step backwards in service friendliness. Though, Apple doesn't intend for buyers to ever crack open their iMacs. I'm expecting the MacBook Pro to be much more service friendly than the already service friendly PBG4. We'll have to wait and see.

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