FS: PowerBook G3 Manuals

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FS: PowerBook G3 Manuals

For your consideration:

Manuals for the PowerBook G3 (233MHz, 250MHz, or 292MHz).

- Macintosh PowerBook User's Manual (034-0426-A)
* Includes setup, expansion, and important health-related information for Macintosh PowerBook G3 Series computers.
* 94 page booklet manual
* Very good condition (I'd say 'mint', but it was removed from the plastic)

- Technical Information (034-0427-A)
* Specifications for Macintosh PowerBook G3 Series computers
* 10 page leaflet
* Very good condition

- Emergency Handbook For Mac OS 8.1 (034-0607-A)
* Includes troubleshooting, hard disk repair, and software installation information
* 62 page booklet manual
* Very good condition

These items were recently found sitting on a shelf in the original plastic packaging. A person of questionable morals removed them from the packaging, so I will not say they are in mint condition, but they are damn near that.

Any questions or pic requests, PM or email reverend DOT darkness AT gmail DOT com