Booting Wallstreet from external CD-ROM?

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Booting Wallstreet from external CD-ROM?

I've got a recently resurrected Wallstreet, a cacheless 233mhz model. It is lacking a CD-ROM module and so I was trying to get it to boot from an external SCSI casing which has a CD-ROM from a Power Mac 6100 in it. It didn't seem to see the CD drive at all, either with an OS 9 or Jaguar CD in it. I tried holding down C and cmd-opt-shift-delete (which I wasn't sure about), but it would just try and boot from the internal hard drive (which has Panther on it that refuses to boot)

Or could I put the drive in another machine (Pismo) and install an OS on the drive and put it back?

Any advice gratefully received!

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Try holding down only C You

Try holding down only C
You can move the hard drive into another computer and install an OS and then move it back
Good Luck

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