How about that?

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How about that?

anybody got this setup just scroll thru the pics. I am guessing that thats has to cost at LEAST $100K+ for that setup. mostly Macs. Including several G5's and also many 30" Cinema Displays.

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Maybe I'm getting old and jaded ...

but I recall finding stuff like this really exciting and wow. Nowadays, it's eh. I'm just not as enthusiastic about stuff like this anymore. Then again, I'm surrounded by macs at work. I'm the support tech at a school district with roughly 2,000 macs deployed, so I dunno, macs aren't as exciting to me as they used to be. Maybe it's the fact that due to my immersion, the novelty has just worn off. G5's and 30" displays are nice, but they just aren't that exciting to me anymore. On the upside (to my fiancee at least), I'm not as much of an ooh ooh, I gotta get that when new hardware comes out.

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