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links page?

I was thinking it'd be cool if AF had a page of links to members' Mac/hacking sites (eg: mine.) I've noticed lots of other AF regulars have pretty interesting and useful web sites/pages as well. So my thought was maybe some sort of submission thingy, where a member could request a link with a small description to their page/site be added to a moderated 'master' links page. That way it'd just be links to pages the mods and/or TO thought useful and appropriate.

Or is there something here like that already and I've just missed it?

dan k

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We talked it over and decided

We talked it over and decided it's not a priority at present. For now, putting your link in your signature is a good way to let Applefritter's users know about your page. If you're interested in finding good Mac pages, we recommend or another similar search engine.

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