AsanteFast Probs (Lazy Web query)

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AsanteFast Probs (Lazy Web query)

I bought an AsanteFast PCI 10/100 Rev A card a couple of months ago to enhance my 9500 with G4/450 XLR8 card. The Asante web site offered me some drivers that unpackage to become AFDPB3_0_1.sea but they are for the Rev B card. I tried using them without success on OS 9.1 (the Mac totally locks up during large file transfers and will not respond to the keyboard).

Last week I acquired an 8600 (quieter and much easier to play with than the 9500) and tried again. I love my 8600 and would like to be able to exchange files at 100Mbps. But I have the same problems when I use the driver that Asante offer. I've tried moving the card to a different slot but have the same lock up problem.

8600 Specs:
Mac OS 9.1
G4/450 XLR8 processor (standard speed)
PCI F2: ATI Mach 64 video
PCI C1: Generic Opti USB card
PCI B1: AsanteLockUp card

When trying to work out why the card didn't work in my 9500, I found lots of tips. However, I'm taking the Lazy Web route for the 8600: Does anyone have a similar config working or have drivers that might better suit the Rev A card?