Back to the way it was.

So not too long after I reinstalled OS X on my iBook, I decided to go ahead and put it back the way it was. I'm just not storage ready to keep an 18GB backup on my iPod while I fool around with my iBook drive. I'll need to buy a large capacity FW/USB2.0 drive sometime so I can have space for multiple backups & partitions. I thought I was going to be able to do that for my birthday (it was the 9th) but I got a gift card to K-Mart and they don't sell that kind of stuff. I'll most likely buy a GPS from them online. The current leaders are either a Garmin Rino 110 or an eTrex Venture. The Rinos have built-in FRS/GMRS and are WAAS enabled. The Venture comes with a computer link cable and has most of the GPS features of the Rino except WAAS. The trade off is Rino: 15hrs life on 3 AAs, a radio and WAAS, vs. Venture: 20hrs on 2 AAs, a link cable and a smaller size. I'd really like a Rino 120 or a Legend (those have US maps) but those are out of my price range. Sad