Need suggestions for web authoring software

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Need suggestions for web authoring software

Mods, if this is the wrong forum, please move. It was as close as I could find.

I'm trying very hard to put together a very simple web site for my music projects. At this point, I'm not even complex backgrounds, photos, animation, or anything too very complex. Just white text on a back background, links to different pages within the site, and links to a few demo recordings. Nothing flashy, that'll all come later.

I originally started building in Microsoft Word, but that was buggy. I then moved to Nvu, at the suggestion of someone on another forum. I've dinked around with Taco. I even bought GoLive 6 for cheap on eBay.

Trouble is, when I get things looking nice in one browser (say Safari), it gets completely whacked in another (say Mozilla). Text colors won't stick, gobbledygoop gets inserted at the top of the page, or (my latest annoyance with GoLive), I can't center just one line, it wants to center the whole freakin' page.

Is there a freeware (or releatively cheapware) option available that

1) won't require me to spend weeks or months learning HTML,

2) allows me to do the things a simple 1986 word processor should allow me to do (like centering and text colors)

3) renders the same on major browsers like Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, and Internet Explorer?

You can get a look at my (hopelessly flawed) work at If it looks normal to you, please follow a few links or check in another browser. It won't take you long to stumble into trouble.

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Have you tried RapidWeaver?

It can build really cool great design sites, or it can go as low as a small text editor.

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it is shareware, but it will only give you a please register st each startup. there are no linitations and it has quick action code additions so you dont need to know tons and tons of html.

but sent you a pm with more info.

peace and love

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Try Macromedia's Contribute. It's not free (US$79), but it's as good as or better than many packages costing a lot more.

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I've never used it, but Mozil

I've never used it, but Mozilla Composer promises to output W3C compliant HTML. It's part of the free Mozilla suite.

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I agree, Rapidweaver is VERY cool for the beginner

I made a quick (one evening) website for my wife's relay for life group. It has images, a weblog, navigation. The best part? I showed it to her for an hour or so, she totally loved it, and is doing the site herself now, so I am not involved at all. (This is terrific on many levels, not just that I dont want to be involved) Try out the demo, it could be just what you need. (I bought it for this project I was so impressed)


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Thanks for the suggestions!

I purchased RapidWeaver today, and I'm almost halfway done with the "new" version of my site. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'm really liking RapidWeaver a lot!

I haven't posted the "new" version yet -- probably this weekend -- but I'd always appreciate your comments. My site address is

This isn't the place for comments -- I can respect that. Comment either by private message here at AF or via email from the bottom of each page on my site.

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If you're interested in comme

If you're interested in comments on it, why not start a thread in this forum?

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