Adapting 80pin SCA to 50pin

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Adapting 80pin SCA to 50pin

I have the following HD, that I was planning on putting in my Quadra 950.

Compaq Part Number: 104663-001
Form Factor: 3.5" x 1/3H
Type: Hard drive - hot-swap
Connector: 80 pin Centronics (SCA-2)
Interface Type: Ultra2 Wide SCSI
Product Description: Compaq hard drive - 18.2 GB - Ultra2 Wide SCSI
Spindle Speed: 7200 rpm
Capacity: 18.2 GB

And I have a SCA to 50pin adapter (it also adapts to 68pin). My Quadra is actually using a separate HD (1GB) which also is a SCA adapted to 50pin and it works fine. The first time I booted it up into A/UX with the Compaq hooked up (the two drives hooked to the internal onboard SCSI, separate IDs, no termination since it supposedly isn't required for the internal SCSI bus), nothing happened after boot-up, so I ran HD Setup (the one that comes with 3.1.1). It found the Compaq but when I tried to initialize it, it encountered an error. After that, everytime I boot into A/UX (not when it boots into just MacOS) the system detects it and wants to initialize it but comes with an error. After that the HD Setup doesn't see it.

So I was wondering if someone could help me out. In my previous experience with the 80 to 50pin adaption, everything worked fine the first time. This time, I may have:

a) Bad drive?
b) Drive incompatible with the "adaption"?
c) System not quite ready for such a big drive?

I tried both "synchronious" options on the adapter but that didn't seem to matter. There is also a delay option and another one (that I don't recall right now). I also have a 68pin SCSI PDS card (Silicon Express I think) that I'm planning on installing (if it is compatible with A/UX). Could that work better?

Anyone have an idea? I actually have 4 of those Compaq drives that I'm planning on installing into the Quadra (along with the fifth system drive and the floppy and CD-ROM).