MDD questions

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MDD questions

hi all, i am looking at replacing my b/w g3 450. i have been looking at MDD's really hard for a replacement. mostly because i don't need the horespower that the g5's have (and i don't really have the money either) but i also like the the MDD's have 2 optical bay's and 4 hard drive bays with 2 ATA bus's.
but here is my question:
i know that the DP 867's and the SP 1ghz models have a 133 MHZ bus while the higher models have a 167 bus. is the performance difference noticable, or is it not enough to matter.
i really just need this computer to last for a few years until the intel switch is mature. the only games that i really need to run are the sims 2 and civ IV. i know that the FW800 models do not dual boot. that is ok, everything i need os 9 for runs under classic.

thank you for your input