Puck Mic


For a very long time my friends and I have been looking for something, anything Apple to hack. And in the middle of it all, the cursed puck mouse died. I got a replacement, and now had a deadbeat mouse sitting around in my room, next to UberMac. (It's a heavily upgraded 9500/200)

mic puckmouse

A few weeks ago, amidst a horrid OS 9 crash, the Plaintalk microphone had just fell off my monitor and landed next to the puck, and the realization hit me. They were exactly the same in height, and I noticed that the Microphone without the protective casing would fit perfectly inside the puck.

The steps for creating this hack were quite simple. (Sorry, the Digital Camera was not with us through process, it arrived after we finished it, but you can still see the Grille inside there.)


Taking apart the Plaintalk Microphone. 1. Remove the plastic on the bottom of the Microphone.
2. Unscrew the one screw under the Microphone with a Phillips screwdriver.
3. Pull Apart.

Taking apart the Apple USB Mouse:
1. Pull off the blue plastics on the side.
2. Remove the two screws with a Phillips screwdriver.
3. Pull apart top and bottom plastics.
4. Remove the Logitech Board.
5. Cut away all excess plastics on the inside, leaving just enough room for the microphone grille.
6. Use a little hot glue to glue the Microphone inside securely.
7. Put the mouse back together.


Now that the project is finished, we have a perfectly intact USB cable and housing for a Plaintalk Microphone. We plan on putting LED(s) in it. Here's a picture of the Microphone with the USB cable running out:


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