Days To Go 2.1.2 - simple reminder program

Have you planned a big holiday, and want to count the days remaining
until you can escape from work. Wondering how many days it has been
since you were married? Then this program is for you.

Days To Go is a simple reminder program that can be used for a
variety of purposes. As the name suggests, it can be used to count
how many days it is until a specific date. In addition, Days To Go
can be used count how many days it has been since a specific date.
Recurring dates can be entered (for example, Christmas or a
birthday), and entries can be automatically deleted once the date has
passed (useful for once off occasions).

This version of Days To Go adds a delay option at startup (to
increase the time the messages are displayed on the screen), moves
the documentation out of the program and into a separate file, and
updates the contact information for Beyond Midnight Software.
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Jason Anderson,
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