by Matti Lampila


I'll probably go to hell for doing this, but here we go anyway...

After finding two dead apple mice from my office's IT department, I decided to nick one of them and start preforming deadly experiments on it. There the quiet little fellow is, on the right. It took me a while to come up with the ashtray idea (about 5 minutes) and looking at the poor mouse for a few minutes, I decided to proceed with the experiment.


Step 1.

Taking the mouse apart was a little tricky. The black rim on the bottom is glued onto the frame, and basically keeps the whole mouse assembled. After getting the rim off with a craft knife and a pair of pliars, deconstructing the mouse was as simple as ABC. All the useful components can be seen on the left.


Simply putting the mouse back together without the top cover gave me the base for my ashtray. Gluing the top bit upside (a little UHU glue did the trick) on top of the base gives the tray...for the ash of course... Simple, and exciting!


Final step.

Using the ashtray, I found out that the plastic started to melt a little bit. so my next step would be to research into a material )preferably transparent so you can still see the aple logo), which could be applied to the tray to stop it from melting when you put your cigarrette or spliff down on it. I also thought it would be a cool idea to install a 6v battery into the mouse and make the red light inside it glow... Groovy!

This object can also be used strictly as a novelty item only! sweet.

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