Macmake WebCollection set#8 (TV Buttons) - royalty-free images

Makmake WebCollection set#8 (TV Buttons).
50 useful buttons at television shape ready-to-use.

What is Macmake WebCollection
Macmake WebCollection is a royalty-free images collection. You can use
this images in a web page or to create multimedia titles, this collection
is also a superb aid for any advertising or presentation material.

The images of Macmake WebCollection are ready-to-use and are divided in
sets, also are captivating images of textures, symbols, alphabet
characters and more other creations.

How to Register
The Macmake WebCollection is shareware, if you use it, please register
your copy. Once you have registered, you are considered registered for
all sets of Macmake WebCollection, so you do not need to pay any
additional fees when you use a new set.

Macmake WebCollection has the following pricing: $15.

Distribution Info
These creations can be freely distributed, either online or on CD-ROM
without restrictions, provided that the original package is included.


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Gabriele Gobbo

Macmake Creations

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