Jewish - Happy Hanukkah! Alert Sound

This sound is from Clixsounds' Fourth Annual "Holiday Series"
of freeware Holiday sounds. Each year, Clixsounds releases special
sound files for download, which include musical startup and shutdown
sounds based on classic carols, alert sounds of voices of popular
Holiday characters, email sounds, collectibles, and more!

Numerous alert sounds are available, including musical blurbs, and hilar-
ious phrases from Scrooge, Santa, Mrs. Claus, and others. Downloaders
can also enjoy email sounds, collectibles, and system clock sounds as

These sounds will be available from now until the first week of January,
although hundreds of freeware Macintosh sound files are available year-
round for download at the Clixsounds web site..


About Clixsounds

Clixsounds specializes in aural interface-enhancement software for the
Macintosh and has produced several products, including it's Agent Audio
Pro? sound resource editing software, the Hystereo? sounds CD-ROM, and
he Audion? sounds CD-ROM. Complete information and demos for these
products, as well as over 100 freeware sound files are available for
download at the Clixsounds web site at .

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