MooMooEncode 1.7!

Date: 30 Jul 1993 16:24 +0100 (CET)

Not Another File Filter - a comms/multi-OS environment utility.

NAFF is a no-frills, quick-and-dirty utility for converting between Mac,
Dos and Unix text file formats. Just drag the file(s) you wish to convert
over the NAFF icon, select the conversion required and the characters to
be added to construct the output file name(s) and let it go....

NAFF runs in the background under System 7 (which it requires), but in
any case is reasonably fast, so it should not often need to be
backgrounded, unless you have very large, or very many files to convert.
Double-clicking the NAFF icon will present an input file selection box
immediately for conversion of a single file.

Output files are in MacWrite text file format, still the lowest common
denominator format and readable by any text editor/word processor.

This program is free. Distribute it as you like, but only with this

I've discovered that it has made its way across the Atlantic
by itself, and since the earliest version I released was
flawed I wanted to make sure the corrected one was the one
people could get hold of.

So here is the corrected NAFF.

Read file NAFFS7.HQX

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