RIPEM Mac 0.8b2

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1993 09:31:50 -0400

RIPEM Mac 0.8b2 Announcement

Raymond Lau

June 23, 1993

This prerelease version of RIPEM Mac is available for public beta testing.

RIPEM Mac is a public key based cryptosystem aimed at providing privacy
and authentication capabilities for email users. RIPEM Mac offers encryption
(for privacy) and authentication (or digital signatures for origin
verification) using a hybrid RSA/DES approach as specified by the Internet
Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) standard. Also supported is an extended triple
DES encryption mode for extra security.

RIPEM Mac is compatible with the emerging Internet PEM standard, including
support for public key certificates providing interoperability with various
PEM implementations such as TIS/PEM and COST PEM available for many

RIPEM Mac supports direct encryption/decryption from within BBEdit via BBEdit
extensions and from within most text editors and mailer programs via QuicKeys
and the clipboard. Although oriented towards the protection of electronic
mail, RIPEM Mac supports file encryption as well.

RIPEM Mac is format compatible with Mark Riordan's RIPEM, providing
cross-platform compatibility with many UNIX platforms (incl. SunOS, HP/UX,
NeXTStep, AIX, ULTRIX, Mach, Convex) and MS-DOS platforms for which RIPEM is

RIPEM Mac is licensed to you free of charge for non-commercial purposes.
Please see the license agreement included for the full terms of the license.

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