[*] UnARJ 2.21 Decompression Utility for the Mac

Date: Mon, 13 Jul 92 21:49:53 -0400

[The following is the .doc file with UnARJ 2.21 for the Mac:]

Unarjmac is a simple port of Robert Jung's unarj.c to the Mac. It is a MINIMAL
PORT; that is it makes absolutely minimal use of Mac features. The reason for
this was to minimize the intrusiveness of source code changes into unarj.c,
which will make future updates by Robert Jung easy to keep up with.

UnarjMac does not currently support macintosh path names or creator/type
application linking. Therefore it must be run from the folder your arj file is

Assuming you have the file archive.arj in your folder with unarj, to process the
file you must first launch unarj. You will be presented a dialog that will let
you specifiy a command line that will be accepted by unarj. The command line
operations available are:

UNARJ archive[.arj] (list archive)
UNARJ e archive (extract archive)
UNARJ l archive (list archive)
UNARJ t archive (test archive)
UNARJ x archive (extract with pathnames)
UNARJ (display help screen)

Questions about the Mac implementation may be sent to Eric Larson at
1:260/330@Fidonet. [That's Eric.Larson@f330.n.260.z1.fidonet.org for
you Internet users.]

This is an ARJ demonstration program and ** IS NOT OPTIMIZED ** for speed. You
may freely use, copy and distribute this program, provided that no fee is
charged for such use, copying or distribution, and it is distributed ONLY in its
original unmodified state. UNARJ is provided as is without warranty of any
kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Refer to UNARJ.DOC for
more warranty information. If you find UNARJ of value, a gift of $10 or any
amount would greatly appreciated.

Robert K Jung Internet address : robjung@world.std.com
2606 Village Road West CompuServe userid: 72077,445
Norwood, Massachusetts
02062 USA

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