UUParser 1.72

From "jsl@netcom.com (John S. Lee)" Sun May 15 22:27:43 1994
Date: Sat, 14 May 1994 09:11:59 -0700

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To the administator!!:
** The version shipped to you contained incomplete docs and one very minor
bug in the program. These have been corrected and tested. I would GREATLY
appreciate it if you replace the current version with this one.

Thank you,
John S. Lee

Description follows

UUParser 1.72 is now avaialble. This is a major upgrade to version 1.71,
with many fixes, and additional features.

UUParser is one of the easiest to use file strippers and
uuencoders/uudecoders available for the Mac. It support several different
encoding methods (mac->unix, unix->mac, AIFF->ULAW, AIFF->Linear), and is
the fastest decoder avaialbe for the Macintosh. It can operate fully in
the background (for unattended encoding/decoding of several files), and
lots more!

Here are some things you may want to know about UUParser:
UUParser 1.72 & 1.8 features

% Automatic stripping of header information from files "S"aved
from a usenet newsgroup.
% "Smart" uudecoding. Fully user configurable.
% uuencoding of AIFF (sound) files is now supported.
% uuencoding/decoding in PC, UNIX, and AIFF formats.
% User control over output file location.
% Join multiple text files for UUParsing & automatic decoding, from
the menu OR the Finder.
% Split any text file into multiple parts using the Split File function.
% User configurable preferences.
% Automatic scan of text files for anomalies.
% Drag & Drop supported via System 7.
% Parsing/uudecoding/encoding occurs in the background.
% Decodes/encodes/parses/splits/joins ANY SIZE FILE, regardless of memory!
% The FASTEST uudecoding/encoding available for the Mac!
% Many other new features added, with updated documentation!

*Version 1.72 is now the sharware version until further notice.

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