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A Macintosh application shell for writing small-to-moderate
programs with THINK Pascal 4.0,

AND including "expression.p", which provides facilities for
parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions such as
"x~2+7" or "rate * sin(omega)".

MacStarter_Pascal uses the object-oriented features of THINK
Pascal to implement windows with the standard Macintosh behavior.
The windows can contain "decorations" such as buttons and
text-input boxes. A lot of comments are included in the source
files, and the source code for several simple applications is
included. The expression-manipulation unit, "expression.p" can
be used separately from the rest of the shell; one of the sample
applications shows how this unit can be used for graphing

Note that MacStarter_Pascal is similar to, but more sophisticated
than, MacStarter_C (for use with THINK C), which I have distributed

This application shell is appropriate for programs that don't
need all the power and complexity of the THINK Class Library.
It is provided free-of-charge and royality-free, and it can
be freely distributed provided no charge is made for it.
(I also hereby give my permission for it to be distributed
on the info-mac CD ROM.)

This is a binhexed self-extracting archive.

David Eck
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Geneva, NY 14456

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