SpeedApp 2.0.3

SpeedApp 2.0.3 for Power Macintosh

Stefano Ghielmi & Matthew Hershberger are proud to
announce the release of SpeedApp 2.0 for Power
Macintosh computers.

SpeedApp is the fastest way to run an application on
Power Macintosh computers! Using a shortcut, you can
call SpeedApp from the Finder (like with Sherlock),
type an application name (or merely a portion of it)
in the main window and press the Enter/Return key on
your keyboard to quickly launch the application you
want to use.
Thanks to SpeedApp you don't need to touch your mouse
for all these steps. Using SpeedApp you will not need
to open folders, or create aliases anywhere for fast
access to some application, thanks to SpeedApp you
will run every application is installed in your
Macintosh without even needing to remember where it
SpeedApp has been totally rewritten by a new cool
programmer who has joined in this version, his name is
Matthew Hershberger. Thanks to him SpeedApp is now
more stable and many new features have been added.

SpeedApp requires a Power Mac with Mac OS 8.5 or

SpeedApp is shareware $20 for single users. Site-wide
and world-wide licensing options are also available.
Instructions and the program are available at:



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