SpeedApp 2.2.1J - Japanese Version

This is the Japanese version of the SpeedApp package.

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SpeedApp is the fastest way for to run an application on PowerMacintosh
computers! Using a shortcut, you can call from the Finder this pretty
utility (similar to Sherlock), typie an application name (or a
portion of it) in the main window and press the Enter/Return key on your
keyboard to quickly and easily launch the application you want to use.
Thanks to SpeedApp you don't need to touch your mouse for all these
steps. Using SpeedApp you will not need to open folders, or create
aliases anywhere to quickly and easily access your applications. Thanks to
SpeedApp you can run every application installed in your Macintosh
without needing to remember where it is!

System Requirements:

SpeedApp requires a Power-PC based Mac with Mac OS 8.5 or higher
installed and 2MB of available ram. SpeedApp also can be configured by
its extention, which allows pre Mac OS 9 users to configure Fkeys to run
it automatically. SpeedApp INIT also allow the Mac OS users to configure
a different keyboard shortcut than Fkeys.

What's new in version 2.2.1:
*Added in the preferences window a new Keyboard shortcut configuration
option, (available only for Mac OS 9 and newer), which allow the user to choose
their favourite FKey shortcut via the Finder instead of using the old SpeedApp INIT
*It is now possible to set SpeedApp to be only hidden (instead of quitting)
when launching an application.
*Applications types "APPD" (such as Key Caps) are now treated as every
other application "APPL" and they are listed in the main list.
*Desk accessories "dfil" are now listed too and they can be excluded by
a new preferences window option.
*Fixed a bug in the SpeedApp INIT shortcut display in the preferences window.
*Fixed some minor bugs.

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