Security/Password protection program: TriVectus SuperLock 4.5 Pro

[version 4.5.1]

SuperLock Pro is a security program designed to protect Macs from
casual snoopers. Used by schools, companies, and governments around
the world, it is considered the premier shareware security utility.
Some of its many features include:

* Supports thousands of users and three levels of access
* Protects the hard drive even when a CD or floppy is used to start up
the Mac
* Immune to force-quitting
* Immune to shift key extension bypassing on startup
* Full activity logging, including process tracking (log when apps are
launched and terminated)
* Full-featured break-in attempt notification, including alarm sounds
and forced delays between attempts
* Built-in screen saver used when login dialog is displayed
* Instant hot-key activation of login dialog, no matter what program
is active
* Auto-activation of login dialog after a period of user inactivity
* Auto-activation of login dialog during wake-up from sleep
* When login dialog is displayed, all background windows, the desktop,
and the control strip are hidden
* Supports forced-shutdown of Mac after too many login attempts
* Supports forced-sleep of Mac after too many login attempts
* Offers customizable login dialog
* ...And much more

Version 4.5 adds file and folder protection on a per-user basis, the
ability for all users to change their own passwords, increased user
control over startup items at launch time, greatly improved
compatibility between the drive protection feature and other
programs, more logging options, the ability to disable MacsBug, and

SuperLock 4.5 Pro requires a PowerPC processor and Mac OS 8 or
higher. It is sold as shareware at a price of $35 for a single-user
license. Site and worldwide licenses are also available.

SuperLock 4.0 Lite, a slimmed-down version of Pro, is also available
beginning at $25 for a single-user license.

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