Island Defender 2.0

I've just uploaded a game, Island_Defender_2.sit.hqx, for posting to
Info-Mac. Here is the description:
Island Defender 2.0 - Copr. 1993, 1997 Bruce A. Pokras

Requires HyperCard Player 2.1 or higher. Version 1 was a "Software of the
Month Club" selection.

A cute little target game that lets you satisfy your desire to blow things
up. However, in doing so you make use of your ability to judge angles and
proportions, and so Island Defender is a great way for kids to learn and
practice those skills in a fun and challenging way. Island Defender
provides four levels of action against increasingly smaller target ships.
Your electronic targeting scope allows you 360 degree coverage of the
surrounding ocean from your volcano hide-away. Just set the targeting
scope, click FIRE!, and watch your mortar shell head (hopefully) towards a
direct hit on the enemy ship. If you miss, don't be surprised if the enemy
insults you!

Version 2 is the result of suggestions from registered users. A Practice
mode has been added which overlays a grid on both the shooting area and the
target scope to make it easier to learn how to aim the mortar. An Easy game
has been added which allows you to aim the mortar in a more intuitive

Shareware $5.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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