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Tattoo 1.2
(c) Copyright 2002 Feelorium Limited, All Rights Reserved.

You can use Tattoo to add media skin and interactive buttons on to
QuickTime movies.

Tattoo enables you to give your audience an unique viewing experience by
creating custom shaped media skin on your movies.

You can use Tattoo to create different kinds of movies, for example,
multimedia greeting cards with your company logo, or photo album slide
show with your favorite picture frame. A greeting card sample is available

Simply drag and drop your prepared movie and skin image files on to Tattoo'
s window, it will then create a movie file that can be played by QuickTime
Player on your skin image frame.

You can also add buttons on your movies to control various functions.
Besides, you can custom-make the control buttons with your own images.

What's New
- This version adds a new special button action -- Slider. There are 5
types of variable for you to choose from: Movie Volume, Movie Time, Pan
Angle, Tilt Angle, and Zoom Power.
- This version enables you to set the window mask and/or the drag mask to
your own images. So that you can have total control on the window shape
and the dragging area of the exported movie.
- This version lets you to not create the media skin, in case you want to
display the final movie in a ordinary rectangular window, or embed the
movie in an HTML page.

System Requirements
- Mac OS X 10.1

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