GIFCruncher Demo EA5

GIFCruncher Desktop Demo for Macintosh
Early Access Release EA5 - 02/23/1999

Welcome to GIFCruncher Desktop Demo for Macintosh. GIFCruncher Desktop is a
Web graphics utility developed by that allows you to select a
GIF from your desktop or an HTTP or FTP URL, and automatically reduce the
download time and file size of the GIF by up to 90%. Auto mode generates
several optimized versions, and you decide on the best tradeoff between
file size and quality. GIFCruncher does this while you wait - single
optimizations generally only take a few seconds.

This demo allows full single-GIF crunching, but times out after 15 days
from the first use. It also has no batch capability. The full version of
GIFCruncher has a sophisticated batch feature that can process entire web
sites automatically. In order to get this capability, you will need to
purchase and download the full version of the product ($49.95). Please view
the file purchase.html for details on purchasing GIFCruncher Desktop, or
visit . You can also try out all of the
features of online GIFCruncher for two weeks by selecting Free Trial at .

System Requirements: Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1
Available for free download at .

Steve Gustafson

Path: /www/exparrot/

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