QXP Delivery 1.2.1

QXP Delivery is a utility that lets you collect the fonts and images of any
given document created by QuarkXPress, ready for delivery to a output
bureau, or prepress house. Delivery can also include fonts and images which
are embedded into EPS files, optionally skip suppressed images, and can also
be told to move linked images instead of copying them.
There is a document report option, and an output order form setup which
provides the output bureau with output specifiations, and job and contact
details. After collecting, Delivery can compress the delivery folder into a
Stuffit self expanding file.

Using drag and drop, Delivery makes collecting easy. After configuring
Delivery, drag a QuarkXPress document onto its icon or the dropbox within
its main window. There is also a batch option to collect many documents at a
time, each into their own respective delivery folders.

Other features are described in the manual.

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