MIDI Companion 2.0 (formerly Kurzweil Companion)

The MIDI Companion (formerly Kurzweil Companion) is your remote
interface to the best keyboards in existence, the Kurzweil
This is the Mac OS X version, there will be no further updates to the
Mac OS 9 version.
The Companion allows you to control your Kurzweil from your
Macintosh. This both saves wear and tear on the Kurzweil buttons) and
it allows you to work more efficiently.
Take the simplest task on your Kurzweil. You've just created a new
program, or layed down the first track in a sequence. The Kurzweil
wants a name for this new object, and you sit there for 5 minutes
spinning the data wheel or pecking at the keypad to enter "Rad Piano"
or "Techno Song".
Forget it! Now just reach over to your Mac keyboard and type on a
normal keyboard!
And that's just the start. The Companion allows you to see your
Kurzweil screen remotely, allows you to enter numeric data for things
like frequencies, select programs from a complete, searchable list
instead of 8 crowded lines, export the list of objects in your
machine, and more and more!

Brought to you by C.K. Haun and Ravenware Software. The Kurzweil
Companion is free.
System requirements: Any Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.2 or later. A
two-way MIDI connection between your Mac and your Kurzweil.

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