MPFreaker 1.0b3 auto adds artwork and other missing tags into your music library

Imagine a program that automatically fills in the missing information in
your music library -- including artwork! Using innovative techniques,
MPFreaker quickly searches the internet to find out which album your
song belongs to, the year your song was released, the genre, track
numbers, even album cover artwork. In seconds, all of this information
is automatically added directly into your MP3 and AAC files. After
registering, you can even batch process hundreds or thousands of songs

By using industry standard methods, you can see and access the new
information that MPFreaker adds in any audio player which recognizes
these standard information "tags", including iTunes, iPods, and other
MP3/AAC players. If you love your music library, you need MPFreaker!

MPFreaker is fully functional without registration, but will only
automatically process up to 3 songs each time it is launched.
Registration costs US $20, and registered users receive free upgrades to
all beta and final release 1.x versions. MPFreaker requires Mac OS X
10.2.7 or newer and an internet connection.

See for more information.

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