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Glass Bottom Web Page!

Well this is a project I want to try and accomplish...To bouild a "Glass Bottom" web page.

It is as it sounds, hopefully! A sript (possibly an applet) will take a sreen-shot of the users desktop, and save it as a file on my server (not that I have my own yet!), and then display the image in a little "door in the center of the page.

Also, when the user moves the window around the screen, the script/ applet will track the co-ordinates, and move the image accordingly.

This will then give the allusion ? / illusion that there is actally a hole in the page and they are actually looking through!

Is anyone able to help me of give me some pointers??
I am stumped on this one, but I want a challenge!

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I'd love to see you prove me wrong but...

I don't think it can be done, and even if it could, it would give the browser (and/or script on the website) way more power than most people would be comfortable with.

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Try to expand on your concept

Try to expand on your concept, but I'm not quite seeing what effect you're trying to achieve. It sounds a little like a "virtual desktop" or the "magnifier" preview windows in GraphicConverter. It also sounds like a hack that should be kept at the user end in browser cache or memory. The way I'm seeing it would be like they had small floating browser window on the desktop with a view onto a virtual browser page. If you added variable magnification, it'd be like having a web in desktop setup, like picture in picture on a tv and the way Apple Video Player works . . .

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It's possible...

I don't think that's a good idea. I'd be pretty pissed if a script took a screencap of my desktop and uploaded it to your server.

That being said, you can't do it without using Java (not JavaScript). No browser scripting language will be able to do that. If you know Java well enough, though, it might be possible.


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I think it is possible

There is a program out there that you can run which snaps a pic of your screen, and posts it to the net using your own computer as a temporary server. Others can then view what you are up to as long as you run the app.

No, getting a web page to do that could be hard. You'd have to write some applet to do essentialy the same thing, but it would be possible.

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