Date: 13 Nov 91 10:33:00 CDT


Fixes for demo version ATM 0.5:

1. Now creates its own Network Data folder if its not found, this means you
can run ATM from anywhere on your disk. The program will not bomb if
this folder is not found.

2. The Application memory size has been pre-set to 750k, this allows ATM to
run under Multifinder.

3. The "Echo" function has been improved. Echo as an implementation under
DDP does not seem to work in the prescribed manner in "Inside Mac"
Vols II and V, and also Inside Appletalk. I have developed an algorhthym
that takes care of about 99% of ECHO, some errors still occur but very few.

ATM 0.4

This little program was developed as an exercise, just like a lot of
other peoples I guess. In the writting of this program I learn't that there
are a few untruths or things just plain left unsaid. For instance you would
think that all Macs and LaserWriters would have AEP (AppleTalk Echo Protocol)
built in, this seems not to be the case.

When you activate this program and after the Mac has finished making its
report of the network, you can double click on the desired node in the list
and 100 packets are sent to that node using AEP. AEP is a possible test of
the line quality between nodes, this is not strictly true, ie. if a PC node
is buisy packets can be lost and therefore alter your interpretation
of the results.

The display consists of Bridge data, Zone data, currently visible
entities, an AEP dissplay and two fake boxes. There are also a couple of
fake menus, as you will see the interface kind of evolved in the writting.
Its a simple matter to remove the unwanted stuff.

The program sorts all the NVE's (Network Visible Entities) Alphabetically
and by Node address, other information is provided along with these files,ie,
numbers of nodes,data and time etc and Zone plus Bridge data. The program has
been of use at this site because there are well over 150 NVE's to deal with.

I would have liked to implement a graphic load averager, but I get too
buisy these days to sit down and concentrate on it. Anyway hope its of use
to you, I can be reached (312)-702-3674 (work) or (312)-955-1932 (home). My
email address is

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks for your interest. Robin Jackson

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