Valentines Day present...

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Valentines Day present...

My current bf got me a superdrive for my freakishly modded iBook.... We are gonna test to see if it works tomorrow. It is a toshiba superdrive, not a sony... so we are crossing our fingers that it is supported. If not, it should at least be bootable (since the combo drives were toshibas) and I can use Toast DVD. Biggrin

I *heart* hardware!

- Alison

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I though the original superdrives were pioneer, but it may not be for lappys, I dont have one so I wouldn't know. Hopefully iDVD will work with it since its on the internal ata bus Wink

The new iDVD (iDVD 4) has way better templates than previous and is much more powerful, but i have to archive all mine cause i dont got a superdrive in me imac YET.

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Is that slot or tray loading?

Dr. Bob

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