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Version: 1.0b4
Date: August 29, 1994
Written by: Jerry Gatlin at Hill Country Softworks

This program is copyrighted by the author and is not in the public
domain. I am offering this as freeware though, so you are able to
freely distribute this as long as the documentation accompanies
the application. You may freely use this in any non-commercial
manner. If you wish to use it in any other way, please contact the
author at:

Jerry Gatlin
4702 Valley Oak Dr.
Austin, Texas 78731
512 458-1739

This program controls X10 modules to turn on and off appliances,
lights, thermostats, and anything else that can be controlled by
X10 devices. This program requires a model CP290 X10 computer
interface along with the appropriate modules for the devices you
wish to control. X10 is available through a variety of sources and
both Radio Shack and Leviton make X10 components. Instead of having
to run wires to these modules to control them, the X10 protocol
runs over your existing AC wiring. You just plug in (or wire in)
the module and go.


Cron is a Macintosh version of the unix scheduling utility written
by Chris Johnson. If you're unfamilar with the concept of cron,
please download cron and read its documentation before spending
much time with this documentation. You should be able to find cron
at most of the Mac archive sites. If you have trouble, try these

anonymous ftp to in the /pub/chrisj directory
the web page
anonymous ftp to in the /pub/mac/util or
the web page

This has been tested with cron 1.0d16 which is the current version
as of August 29, 1994.

As cron requires system 7 to run, this application by default
also requires system 7. Although the Comm ToolBox is built into
system 7, if for *any* reason Apple chooses to remove it at a later
time, this app won't work. It will be nice and report the reason
for its failure to you though.

Although primarily intended for scheduling lights, etc. at
predetermined times, you can use Chris Johnson's "Command Line"
cron debugging aid for immediate, direct control of devices.
"Command Line" simply puts up a dialog and allows you to send
commands to cron applications immediately instead of setting up
cron to execute at the next minute and waiting for the minute to
roll by.

This program is a fat binary (it runs native on either the PowerMac
or 68k Macs) and was written using the Metrowerks CodeWarrior C

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