Mac INIT Strings 2.0

Mac INIT Strings is a freeware utility that displays a list of modem
INITialization strings categorized by manufacturer and model. All of the
strings are meant for use with a Macintosh computer. Version 2.0 now
allows you to test an INITialization string with the modem currently
connected to your Macintosh computer.

This requires the use of the Apple Serial Tool which is part of the
Apple Communications ToolBox (CTB). The installer will place a copy of
the Serial Tool in your Extensions Folder requiring you to restart your
machine after the installation process is complete.

Mac INIT Strings was built with Mac OS 8 and is therefore, Mac OS
8-compatible. You will need at least System 7.1 and 4 MB of physical
(installed) memory in order to use Mac INIT Strings.

Since Mac INIT Strings is freeware, you agree to use the utility at your
own risk by reading this document. MRD offers no technical support for
this utility by e-mail, facsimile nor telephone. If you do however, have
comments on Mac INIT Strings, please feel free to e-mail MRD at

* If you find an INITialization string that does not work correctly,
please send an e-mail to

* If you know of an INITialization string that is missing from the Mac
INIT Strings database, please send an e-mail to

Thanks and most of all - have fun. That's what the Mac's all about.

Long live Apple!

Mountain Ridge Dataworks
North Vancouver, BC, Canada



#### TEXT ot-type11-solution.txt ****

Dear Digest readers,
Sorry for the repost, I sent it to the wrong place at first to get it
posted at sumex-aim.

Dear Moderators
Please post the following FAQ in /comm/info subdirectory of sumex with the
title of the above subject:

To owners of PowerMac 7200, 7500, 8500, 9500 here is a solution to those
terrible type 11 errors experienced with OpenTranport 1.0.8*.

* Some may not have any problems, and thus should ignore this FAQ. However
if you do switch providers be aware that some providers have a terrible
time supporting OpenTranport 1.0.8, and therefore in those cases use this

1. Get a Dynamic IP addressing account with all the gateway domain server

Path: /www/exparrot/

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