Myallo 1.1 A smart Web search agent that learns your interests

Name: Myallo 1.1
Product page:
Company: Leptonic Systems Inc.
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Author: Michael O'Connor
Requires: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

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Myallo - A smart Web search agent that learns your interests

Web search engines are great indexes, but a search can return
thousands, even millions of matches. And these results are generally
ranked by popularity, not by relevance to you, so you end up wading
through the results to find what you really want.

Myallo weeds out irrelevant search engine results automatically,
showing ones that are personally interesting to you. It does this by
using an Interest Profile that you create with a sort of "neural net
construction set". For example, you might tell Myallo you have a high
interest in computers and a low one in archeology, so when you ask it
to search on a general term like "bones", it will rank a page titled
"Bare Bones Computers" higher than one named "Dinosaur Bones". If you
give Myallo your feedback on the results, its neural technology allows
it to learn and improve its future searches.

Full help and a user guide are built into the application. The
application is fully functional, except it can't save documents until

Path: /www/exparrot/

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