Watson 1.0

Watson is an extendable application for Mac OS X that gives an
"Aqua" user interface to a number of Internet-based services
such as stock quotes, telephone lookup, and movie schedules.
Watson functions much like Apple's Sherlock in that it bypasses
the Web Browser for specific functionality. But instead of being
a search engine, Watson connects to a handful of other useful
services available on the Internet. Intended to complement the
Web browser, Watson constructs a facade over certain services,
collecting them in a single Mac OS X application. Watson speeds
up navigation, since HTML does not need to be rendered on-screen
and no superfluous graphics are transmitted over the Internet.
Tools integrate with other Mac OS X applications such as
TextEdit, Preview, and the Web browser. Most noticeable in
Watson is the Aqua interface that one cannot find on a Web page.
A user of the Yahoo! tool, for instance, browses categories
using a "columns" view rather than a series of separate Web
pages. Watson works on any version of Mac OS X, and a full-time
Internet connection is recommended. A single-user license costs
$29 and can be purchased via Kagi.

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