evergreen-4010.sit.hqx (Tek 4010 emulator)

Date Fri, 9 Oct 87 12 58 18 PDT
From dplatt@teknowledge-vaxc.arpa (Dave Platt)
Subject FreeTerm 2.0 now available

This posting contains FreeTerm 2.0, a "dumb" glass-TTY emulator
that supports XMODEM and MacBinary II. Full documentation is included
in this Packit III package.

Basic features and improvements over FreeTerm 1.8

- FreeTerm 1.8 was limited to operation at speeds <= 2400 baud, which
limited its usefulness to dial-up connections. FreeTerm 2.0
supports connections at 4800, 9600, 19200, and 57600 as well; it
uses XOFF/XON flow control to prevent buffer overruns at high line
speeds [this feature can be disabled].

- FreeTerm 2.0 supports the new extensions to the MacBinary file-
encoding standard, as described in a document posted several
weeks ago.

- FreeTerm 2.0 is capable of unpacking any file that was packed by
PackIt I, II, or III, or any other utility that produces a
packed/compressed file in PackIt format.

- FreeTerm 2.0's window can be resized (24*80 down to 4*15).

- FreeTerm 2.0 remembers the most recent 20 full 24*80 screens;
you can scroll back through the saved lines in the usual fashion.

- You can send all 128 ASCII characters (and "break").

- "Fast-track" XMODEM is supported, for those of you who use
Compu$erve and have clean, error-free transmission lines.

FreeTerm 2.0 is still free, as its name implies... noncommercial
distribution is encouraged; commercial distribution is prohibited
without written permission of Dreams of the Phoenix, Inc. FreeTerm
2.0 is copyright 1987 by William Bond; portions are copyright
1986 by THINK Technologies, Inc. (which gives you a pretty good
idea of the development system that was used Wink

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