MacLayers 1.30 for the archives

Date: Wed, 9 Jun 93 15:59:14 CDT

Here is MacLayers 1.30 for the archives. It should replace
comm/maclayers-120.hqx. I will send the necessary UNIX server
files separately.

MacLayers version 1.30 is a freeware vt100 terminal emulator that
allows multiple terminal windows to be opened to a host simultaneously
over a single serial connection. The remote host computer must be a
UNIX(TM) system which has sockets support. Each terminal window may be
associated with a shell, login to a different host, or an individual
command. New features since 1.20 include...

The UNIX side has been ported to run on many new platforms including
IRIX, AIX 3.2, SVR4, etc. (Not Solaris yet.)

Support for a UNIX side .layersrc file to automatically startup and
place windows when layers mode is started.

Separate user settings and logfiles; each can be saved independently
from the other; settings act as startup documents.

Improved/reorganized keyboard support.

Longer dial strings, mouse support under emacs, new Finder icons, etc.

To use MacLayers, you need to get both the Macintosh MacLayers client
application and the UNIX server programs. They are packaged separately.
You will have to compile the latter.


Path: /www/exparrot/

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