QuickDial 1.4 submission

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 94 02:10:52 CST

QuickDial 1.3
This 4k program fills a very simple but important need: it dials voice
numbers with your modem. It has no interface whatsoever, but rather reads
the number from the clipboard. On launch the program first tries to read
STR id 129 for a phone number. If that is blank, it wil try to read the
clipboard text. It will send ATD , ; H0 to the modem (a generic
dial and hangup when done). Control will return immediatly to the
computer, even during dialing, unless you have set otherwise.
I suggest putting the program in your Apple Menu for instant access!
I'm sure that programs like this exist elsewhere, but I couldn't find
one so I threw this together myself. It works perfectly on my Mac SE/30,
and I can see no reason why it would not work on all Macintosh models.
This program is public domain. If you do or even don't like it, please
drop me a note!

Version 1.0.2 really closes the serial port (Well, it always did. But I
had to open the input side to close it!). It now also runs at 1200 bps.
and sends an initial AT to wake up the modem.
Version 1.1 adds proper hangup-when-done (no silly wait 15 seconds bit)
and read a default prefix and phone number from the resource fork of the
file. It also includes an about balloon, bringing the size up from 2k to
4k. Bloat? You decide!
Version 1.2 (8/31/93) didn't work, but if it did it would have the
option to wait for the modem to finish before quitting.
Version 1.3 (1/21/94) does work. It changes a few features in ways worth
noting: (This also describes how the program works!)
1) It sends AT, then the string contained in STR id 128, then
STR id 129 or the clipboard if STR id 129 is blank, then ";H0".
This is slightly different than the old versions which sent ATD before
the STR id 128, etc.
2) It now reads STR id 130 to check how long of a delay you want
between the time the command is sent to the modem and the program quits.
Putting in 0 will give the same behavior as before, where the program
quits as the phone is dialed. If you have fax software, or possibly a
powerbook, putting in a delay of 15 seconds or so will allow your modem
to dial before it is cut off. Your computer will appear to freeze for
however long you have specified; it really hasn't. I would still like to
have the option of waiting for the modem, but I haven't figured it out
(or had time to), so if someone can, please let me know!

Version 1.3 of 1/21/94.
Matthew Blain

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