Newton Aviator 1.1 Demo

Newton Aviator 1.1 Demo - Flight planning for pilots, including weight and
balance, great circle routes, density altitude, zulu time, etc. This is a demo
version of Newton Aviator 1.1. It has all the features of the Newton Aviator 1.1
product, but it will expire 30 days after installing on your Newton. Newton
Aviator is a flight-planning package for general aviation pilots. It includes a
database of all U.S. (and many non-U.S.) public-use airports, and calculates
great circle routes, wind triangles, weight and balance, density altitude, zulu
time, etc. The enclosed user's guide provides complete details. If you like the
demo and wish to order the full product version, please see our web site
(, or contact us directly.

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