Seiko Datagraph UC-2001

Datagraph - box

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  • Box
  • UC-2001 Watch
  • UC-2301 Interface Box
  • Manual
  • Cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Backup of Time Trax II disk
  • Backup of Clock Utility disk
  • Original batteries (no longer good)
  • Original disks are missing
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All Seiko Datagraphs come with a 30-day warranty. Shipping within the U.S. is $5. Shipping for each additional Datagraph is $3. Shipping to Canada is $20; Shipping to Europe or Japan is $25. Shipping elseware is $5 handling plus estimated shipping costs. Insurance is recommended on international orders. Payment may be made via PayPal or U.S. Money Order.

To purchase a Datagraph, email []Tom Owad[/email] with your order.

If you have technical questions about the Datagraph, please ask on Applefritter Forums.

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Hi, I'm the programmer of TimeTrax II. I wrote it for Art Sager who owned Creative Peripherals Unlimited out of Laguna Nigel, CA. I still have one of the watches (doesn't work anymore) and a still-shrinkwrapped copy of TimeTrax II.

A some interesting triva from back then...

When TimeTrax II hit the market, all the Apple magazines wrote reviews. The then editor of InCider magazine wrote a review that really hurt the program. The review said, as best as I can remember, "why on earth would someone want to put their appointment calendar and roledex into their computer? I can't recommend this software at all!!" He thought the alarms on the watch were pretty cool though.

Pretty smart, forward thinking kind of guy! Smile

That review pretty much put Art's company out of business.

Here's a link to a page on an old website of mine that has a picture of TimeTrax on my shelf, along with a bunch of other software I wrote for both the Apple II, Mac, and ....Windows.

Oh, and I don't recall Art selling the watches to Applied Engineering, although after the InCider review, he may have had to sell them to Applied to quickly raise cash.

Fun website you have here!

Steve Cochard

I'm looking for the Operations manual, pdf would be great anyone know where to download from.