The July issue of Mac Net Journal

Hello to all,

The July issue of Mac Net Journal is here! In this issue: Rich Pizor
reviews the new spreadsheet alternative -- Let's Keep It Simple Spreadsheet
-- and he takes a look at the Surfboard URL manager; Natalie McNair-Huff
ponders what to do with the wealth of information on the Net and she
reviews URL Manager Pro; I review a pair of shareware gems and Rich starts
his new monthly game column, Pixelation. We also have a slew of letters
from readers.

The July issue is available in DOCMaker format only. Be sure to check the
Web site at in the next day or so for the
online version and our new weekly news feature, Mac Net News. To FTP this
month's edition, log onto .

Some people have reported problems downloading and unstuffing recent
issues using Netscape. I am trying to find a work-around for this.
Meanwhile, simply unstuff the file using StuffIt Lite.

Subscriptions are still available and very, very free - simply email us

Businesses interested in advertising in this new media, please contact
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Happy reading,

Rob McNair-Huff, Editor

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